is the online home of Nik Papić—designer, developer, marketer, perpetual entrepreneur, and still-aspiring polymath.


A life's work of embracing both the creative and the quantitative, developing thriving online businesses and enviable brands.

I have spent my entire adult life—and most of my (beleaguered) childhood—engrossed in internet business and the functions that drive it. As a somewhat atypical child—emigrating war-torn Yugoslavia for the United States at the age of ten—I found a virtual refuge in the online world, and quickly became enamored with design, development, and marketing on the (then new) medium.

By high school, I founded, establishing the site as a preeminent gaming network that attracted millions of monthly visitors. The company was eventually acquired as my interest in gaming waned (along with inflated revenues of the dot-com boom), but a passion for online business & design remained. Twenty years, countless projects, and numerous ups-and-downs later, I'm still as obsessed as ever.

Most recently, I spent four years at Squarespace, a SaaS website publishing platform based in NYC. As an early employee (the headcount grew 25x during my tenure), I instituted the company's marketing architecture and scaled the growth initiatives, culminating in paying subscriber growth of >2000% and a valuation of over a billion dollars.

Prior to Squarespace, I was an early employee at a Seattle-based education startup, where I built the flagship consumer website and grew it into a top-500 property (Alexa, 2007–2010). This helped the company become one of the most profitable (net margin) and fastest-growing private companies in the US, leading to a $160M acquisition.

I currently reside in Manhattan and continue to work in tech, both professionally and as a hobby. I have a keen appreciation of good design, which plays a major role in every facet of my life, bordering on obsessive. I also teach Internet Marketing (DM435) at FIT; it allows me to impart my life's positive influences onto a new generation, which is incredibly rewarding.


Two decades of hands-on experience and hundreds of millions in spend have yielded a diverse skillset that touches on most every function. This is a partial list.
  • Brand Development & Advertising
  • Direct-Response Marketing
  • Search Marketing: SEO & PPC
  • Digital Video & TV, including Super Bowl
  • Streaming & Radio
  • Out-of-Home
  • Influencer Marketing: Podcast & YouTube
  • Email Marketing, Design & Dev
  • Social Media (Paid & Organic)
  • Website Design & Development
  • Advertising Creative (All Mediums)
  • Identity Design
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Copywriting (Ad, Web, & Product)
  • Media Planning & Buying (up to $100MM)
  • Content Strategy & Execution
  • Business Development: Platform & Revshare
  • Creative Sponsorships & New Media

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